MF RPKI Project

On October 1st, 2014, Internet Multifeed Co. (MF) launched ROA cache server.
The demand for route validation in BGP is growing. It can be easily hijacked and users may not reach to the correct destination by misconfiguration or malicious attack. We see many incidents, where unauthorized route advertisement (such as "Youtube incident", happened in 2008) gives negative influence to the Internet world.
While cooperating with JPNIC and some of the major router vendors, we have been testing ROA cache servers, router implementations and giving feedbacks to the community about RPKI technologies in order to improve reliability of the Internet routing since 2012.
We will continue to contribute to the enhancement of the Internet by supporting the evolution of RPKI technology.


08/21/2018 NEW!!
Updated Trust Anchor which ROA cache server( refers to, according to the transitioning of APNIC Trust Anchor.
Added 'JPNIC' as a new Trust Anchor which ROA cache server( refers to.
English pages have been released.
Router Configuration Examples for Alcatel have been added.
MF RPKI Project pages (this site) are up.
We've started to provide ROA cache server on the trial basis.