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JPNAP Tokyo II Service

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JPNAP Tokyo II Service

Optional Services

PI/CUG Service
Utilizes VLAN (Virtual LAN) technology to enable secure, dedicated traffic exchange with only one or multiple members in a logical space separate from the JPNAP Tokyo II public segment.
PI (Private Interconnect) can be used as a direct connection between two parties, and CUG (Closed Users Group) can be used for traffic exchange among three or more parties.
In addition to the "Port-type" connection format when one customer port is exclusively used for one PI/CUG (VLAN), a "Tag-type" connection using industry standard IEEE 802.1q tagging is also provided.
Link Aggregation
A band of bundled lines can be used as a single virtual link combining multiple physical links.
Housing Service
For customers using the JPNAP Tokyo II Service, this service houses, maintains, and manages customer's routers, servers and other equipment in a single location.
Housing Service
In-house Cabling Service
This service provides connections between customers using the MF Housing Service.
Co-location service for line termination equipment,etc.
We provide shared housing spaces per 1 unit to keep line termination equipments of customers.

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