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JPNAP Osaka Service

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JPNAP Osaka Service

Optional Services

PI/CUG Service
Utilizes VLAN (Virtual LAN) technology to enable secure,dedicated traffic exchange with only one or multiple members in a logical space separate from the JPNAP Osaka Service.
PI (Private Interconnect) can be used as a direct connection between two parties, and CUG (Closed Users Group) can be used for traffic exchange among three or more parties. In addition to the "Port-type" connection format when one customer port is exclusively used for one PI/CUG (VLAN), a "Tag-type" connection using industry standard IEEE 802.1q tagging is also provided.
Link Aggregation
A band of bundled lines can be used as a single virtual link combining multiple physical links.
Co-location service for line termination equipment,etc.
We provide shared housing spaces per 1 unit, for line termination equipments,etc.,of customers.
(This service is not available at Keihanshin Nishishinsaibashi Building.)
RouteFEED Service
For customers using the JPNAP Osaka Service, this service provides "multilateral peering (MLP)" that can automatically create peers among members who want to utilize it.

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